Personalise your ride with the Gocycle G2 App

For download instructions and GocycleConnect App and firmware support, please follow this link (2.5MB).

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Gocycle e-bike App
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Calories-burned calculator

View total number of calories burned during your trip and reset as you need
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Trip odometer

Odometer displays total miles travelled...reset the trip odometer as you need
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Set your riding mode

Choose sporty City, range-extending Eco, or On Demand power at the touch of a button
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Fine-tune your motor assistance

Customise the motor power and torque for a workout or a no-sweat commute
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Regulate your speed

Set your speed for your local region
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Monitor your battery

Remotely view the charge status of your battery
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Troubleshooting made easy

Upload your maintenance log to tech support for remote diagnostics
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Stay up to date

Download the latest firmware to maximize your Gocycle’s performance